K of C 7243 online Charity Auction

Deputy Grand Knight (DGK) Bob Mohle chaired the May 10, 2021 council
meeting.  Prior to opening the council meeting, Bob introduced two
guests, Mikala Shumway and Mary Peterson, who discussed the upcoming
Online Charity Auction, one of our new fund raisers.  Their comments
and guidance are attached.

20210510 Council 7243 Premeeting Presentation Online Auction

Presenters: Mikala Shumway, Mary Peterson

Your Charity Auction web site (www.yourcharityauction.com)

Follows the same rules and parameters of a physical silent auction

Will need a Council 7243 Auction Website

4 to 5 days duration, beginning October 7th

Mikala, Mary and Bob Mohle will provide back office monitoring and support

  • Items with bids
  • Bids submitted
  • Potential winning bids
  • Paid/unpaid winning bids

Need donations

  • If Mikala provides items–15% to council
  • If 7243 provides items–85% to council
  • Bob has already lined up about $4,000 in auction items
  • Various types
    • Gift certificates
    • New, or considered new
    • Golf packages
    • Sports memorabilia
    • Posters
    • Haircut packages
    • Restaurant gift certificates
    • Dutch Brothers coffee gift packages
    • Think outside the box
  • Prefer gifts that can be picked up in person, or sent email
  • Items can be shipped
    • Need to include cost in bid value
  • Starting bids 50 to 60% of item fair market value
  • Need a donation form with picture of the item and a brief description 
  • Minimum value is $25, no junk
  • Marketing a key part of the auction
    • Need a Facebook page
    • Rebrand who we are, what we do, who we support

Users must register

  • Log on, set an account
  • View auction items
  • Evaluate current bids
  • Aim is to beat the current bid
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Browse items before auction begins

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