The following is an excerpt from the letter regarding the raffle results. Our Council 7243 came in third in terms of sales for the entire state of Arizona. That is something we should be proud of. Unfortunately none of our tickets were drawn as a winner but we are in good company as only one ticket in all the tickets sold by the top 5 selling Councils was picked.

So now for the results!!!!!

First of all congratulations to all councils who did such a fantastic job selling tickets this year.  When I gave our presentation during the State Convention I admitted I didn’t know what to expect this year thanks to all the Covid related issues and shut downs from 2020/2021.  I prayed that we would at least break even as a State and not lose money.

Man were we surprised!  I hoped for big things after a few councils asked for more tickets in the spring.

So the final total for 2021 is    


Thank you again to everyone that worked so hard!  Our charities will be so happy!

Winners list

  • 1st – Sisto Sandoval – sold by council 6442
  • 2nd- Anthony Dunlap – sold by council 1536
  • 3rd – Maria Elena Gasca – sold by council 17591
  • 4th – Camille Miranda – sold by council 11809
  • 5th – T. Brzozowska – sold by council 14185
  • 6th – Alex Curtis – sold by council 10762
  • 7th – Gene Loose – sold by council 14089
  • 8th – Jim Giger – sold by council 7912
  • 9th- Doris Lotito – sold by council 7904
  • 10th – P. Hilton – sold by council 14583

Letters have been sent to each person along with a W-9 form requesting their SS numbers.  When I receive those back we can process the required tax documents and send them their winnings.

Reminder: If a winner does not turn in their W-9 paperwork they cannot be awarded the prize even though their name has been published.

Top 5 council by sales:

This almost seems to be asked about as much as who the winners were:

  • 10062 – $23,475
  • 11809 – $13,200
  • 7243 – $11,650
  • 15001 – $10,840
  • 13286 – $9510

Thank you again to our Worthy State Deputy and fellow State Officers for entrusting Joe Curran, Phil Vicinanza and myself with running the State Raffle this year.  We have committed to being involved again next year where we hope to make things even better for all of us – remembering that the most important thing is to maximize the giving to all of our charities.

Vivat Jesus!

Joe Rostowsky

2021 State Raffle Chairman

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