KofC 7243 Helping the Elderly

On June 4th Steve Ezyk was contacted by Desiree Lopez from the Apache Junction Boys and Girls Club.

Desiree was contacted by Mary, an elderly woman, asking for assistance with overgrown weeds in her backyard.  Mary had contacted multiple agencies, but unfortunately none of them were able to help.

Steve contacted GK Matt Campbell to inquire if we might be able to help her.  Matt and Steve drove to Mary’s home and surveyed the weeds in her backyard.  They agreed they could remove all the weeds.

On Saturday morning at 8:00 AM, Matt and Steve were at her door ready to tackle the weeds.  It took approximately two hours to clear all the weeks from her backyard.   Mary was so appreciative and grateful that they were able to get the job done!

Another good deed performed on behalf of the Knights of Columbus.

GK Matt Campbell and Steve Ezyk

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