State Drawing Proceeds Presentation

We raised $ 5,825.00 for St George and presented it to Monsignor Pinti at a luncheon on June 30th. From left to right, Matt Campbell, GK, Tom Wolf, PGK, Monsignor Pinti, Pastor of St George Catholic Church and Doug Hughes, FS. Monsignor said that this would be used for Seminarians of which there are only 9 in St John’s Seminary. Monsignor has a long history of helping Seminarians with cars, money and Spiritual support. The Council and Assembly are proud to help Monsignor in these efforts. This year Council 7243 was the third largest contributor in the entire State of Arizona (thanks to the Parishioners of St George). Half of these proceeds went to St George and the other half were distributed to a variety of organizations supporting the Catholic Church and it’s programs over the state. That totals $ 11,700.00 going to charity from ticket sales to St George Parishioners and others.

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