Charity Chips – Round 1

The Charity Chip program was so successful that we sold out early. 100 chips have been purchased so we can proceed with the drawings. There is no reason to wait until 2022 to start the drawings so we will begin with the first drawing on November 8, 2021 and draw two chips from the pool. The first chip will win $300.00 and the second chip will win $100.00. Then on the second Monday of each successive month we will repeat the drawing of two chips. After each drawing the winning chips will be returned to the pool so each month there will be 100 chips to choose from. The final drawing will be October 10, 2022.

Below is a table of the schedule of drawings and the winners for each. This information will also be posted at the back of the church sanctuary near the West door. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the drawing. Mailing address needs to be validated. Upon validation we will mail out a check within 7 days for the winnings.

Date of Drawing$300.00
November 8, 20211585
December 13, 20214771
January 10, 20228124
February 14, 20224699
March 14, 20225168
April 11, 20221519
May 9, 20226050
June 13, 20220150
July 11, 20222320
August 8, 20224221
September 12, 20224511
October 10, 2022
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