Knights of Columbus  

The Knights of Columbus (“KOC”) is a Catholic, Fraternal Men’s Organization with over 2 million members worldwide.  KOC is involved in a wide variety of programs that are charity and community related as well as worldwide religious freedom programs. KOC also offers insurance for its members on a completely volunteer basis. 

In addition to the health benefits, volunteering gives people a sense of purpose. The fulfilling feeling of giving back and contributing to society is unparalleled.  Giving back is also a great way to get to know your community and its citizens.  When you volunteer, you have the opportunity to meet many new people and often become your friends.

Specifically, KOC Council 7243, based at St. George’s Church in Apache Junction, is involved in the following programs: 

● Funds raised from a ticket drawing are donated to various charity organizations across the state.

  • Assist elderly neighbors with free labor on projects

● Funds donated  to the Student Scholarships fund promoted by Parish Annual Golf Tournament. 

● Provide food and monetary donations to St. George’s Help for the Needy Program. 

● Provide donations for the Priests and Religious vocation support.

● Funds raised from the Annual Car show are donated to the Apache Junction Boys and Girls Clubs. 

● Donate to the Poster Program to honor students at the church’s schools.

● Donate for the Rosary Celebration for Pro Life.

● Donate to GCU Neuman for the church’s student retreats 

● Assist in the Chalice program for deceased Knights’ Memoriam 

● Ultrasound initiative donations with nationwide goal of 1000 pregnancy ultrasounds.   

● Donate to support the Operation Restoring Veteran Hope for our veterans.

● Donate to the Military Chaplain program.

  ● Provide the required Safe Environment Training for all Knights involved with youth programs.

 ● Donate to St Joseph’s Youth Camp for our youth summer camp.  The camp was also used for Veteran PTSD retreats while the Youth camp was unable to operate due to COVID-19.

KOC programs that are provided by our State and National level Councils:

● Biannual Pro-Life March and Rally. 

● Catholic Men’s conference.

● State and national free throw contest for youths 8-18 years old.

 ● State and national soccer challenge.

● Coats for Kids program.

 ● Keep Christ in Christmas program – Christmas Card sales.

 ● Fundraising for People with Intellectual Disabilities and the Special Olympics.

 ● Participate in the “Get out the Vote” initiative. 

● Participate in all patriotic holiday celebrations. 

● Disaster relief: Over the years, KOC has donated $2.7 million dollars for fire, flood and hurricane victims.

● Provide Native American support 

● Provide border refugee support 

● Over the years, KOC has donated approximately 25 million dollars for religious liberty, both domestically and worldwide, especially in the Middle East. 

● In the United States, the KOC has donated approximately 185,7 million dollars and provided approximately 76.7 million voluntary man hours.

● In Canada, the KOC has donated approximately 19 million dollars and provided approximately 5.7 million voluntary man hours.

In summary, the Knights of Columbus Councils are remarkably busy in providing monetary and voluntary man hour assistance to those in need.  The KOC is a very worthwhile organization.  If you need help or wish to become involved, please contact your local Catholic Church for information regarding their specific council.

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